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Product Name: Methyltriethoxysilane
CAS No: 2031-67-6
Product Type: Rubber Materials
Product spec: 99%
Packing: 20L or 210L plastic/steel drum, 1000L IBC container
Post Time: 2018-10-17
Usage: It is highly miscible with standard organic solvents,such as alcohols, hydrocarbons and acetone. It is practically insoluble in neutral water and reacts only slowly to form silanols and higher condensation products. Addition of a hydrolytic catalyst (inorganic/organic acids, ammonia or amines) accelerates the hydrolysis of its substantially. It may be used as water repellent to improve fillers dispersibility and reduces their sedimentation tendency. It may be used as an important component for sol-gel coating, silicone resins and silicone rubber.
Description: Name:Methyltriethoxysilane Other Names:A-162 Z-6383 Z-6383 MTES CM9050 CAS No.2031-67-6 EINECS No.217-983-9 Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid Boiling Point (°C):143 Flash Point (°C):23
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